We focus on one industry, financial services, because we understand it inside and out.

  • With over 30 years working in the sector, we have a wealth of experience to understand complex issues and challenges and to be able to work with customers to help them achieve their goals.
  • As a small firm, we can provide a personalized and expert service, offering local market knowledge and delivered with passion and in a flexible manner to fit our customers’ needs.

bank icon dark green Financial & Economic Consulting

We provide customers with deep, intelligent and sophisticated analysis on complex economic and financial issues to assist them in understanding the challenges and opportunities that they face as they expand and develop their business.

Pie chart icon med greenRestructuring & Liquidation

We bring expertise in restructuring and liquidation situations and we have worked with customers and their liquidators and administrators to devise and execute liquidation strategies and to achieve maximum value for creditors.

graph icon light greenBusiness Development & Expansion

Few companies succeed in achieving sustained growth. We help customers in the financial services sector develop, evaluate and execute business and corporate strategy to sustain profitability and growth and achieve their full potential in the Asia Pacific Region. We offer our customers a range of services to address their most pressing business needs including opening new offices, accessing and developing new products & markets and business development & expansion.We have been responsible for managing businesses and offices across Asia in India, Greater China, South East Asia and Australia and have the expertise and knowledge to help customers plan and execute this critical phase of their business development.