Principles we live by

Peter Lewis Consulting (China) Limited is a business advisory firm focusing on the financial services sector in the rapidly developing Asia Pacific region. Our firm is able to provide 21st century solutions to complex challenges and opportunities.

Based in Hong Kong at the heart of the dynamic and fast growing Greater China region, we are well situated to participate in, understand and address the challenges to businesses and institutions posed by the emergence of China as a global economic and political power and to help our customers build, restructure, adapt and change.

Truth & Confidentiality

We are an independent firm and are able to tell the truth rather than saying what people want to hear and what is popular. Finding solutions, unconventional ones if necessary, is the cornerstone of our philosophy to help our customers succeed.

We will never disclose confidential details about our customers or our work for them. We appreciate the sensitive nature of some of the work we do and we respect local customs and culture in the countries where we work. For further information read our privacy policy and terms & conditions.

Honesty & Integrity

In a sector that has been battered over the years by scandal, unethical & criminal behaviour, questionable practices and a focus on individuals making money for themselves rather than their customers, Peter Lewis is proud to say that he has never been censored, disciplined or accused of any wrongdoing by any regulator or public or industry body in over 30 years of working in the financial services industry around the world. Our reputation and integrity is non-negotiable. We will always put our customers first but never at the expense of being honest.