Hello, my name is Peter Lewis

I was born in the UK and have been living in Hong Kong for the past seven years. Travelling and working all over the world for the past 30 years makes me realize how interconnected our lives are.

How decisions and events in one part of the world can have profound effects on communities on the other side of the globe and how little we really know about how people live their lives outside of our close circle of family, friends and work colleagues. I try to bring a different perspective to important economic and social issues and current events and encourage a different way of thinking.

My Experience

I have 30 years’ experience of global securities, commodities and derivatives markets with direct management and leadership experience in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Australia, India, UK, France and USA.
    • An expert in global securities and futures & options markets and their trading, clearing and technology requirements, and have strong contacts with industry leaders, exchange executives and regulators.

        • Extensive trading and risk management experience gained from ‘head of trading’ roles at leading global investment banks.

            • A proven track record in developing start-up businesses, enhancing profitability and growing each segment of a global equities operation.

                • Very knowledgeable about securities and futures regulations and a proven track record of implementing the necessary controls to ensure compliance.

                    • Regular TV and radio appearances and speaker at conferences & seminars.

                        • Aged 54 and living in Hong Kong with extensive knowledge of and contacts in the Greater China and Asia Pacific region.

                        My Expertise

                        • Futures & Options
                        • Strategic / Tactical Planning
                        • Equity Research Sales & Distribution
                        • Cash Equities
                        • Business Development
                        • Trading & Execution
                        • Financial Management
                        • Commodities & FX
                        • Business Start Up
                        • Electronic Trading Platforms
                        • Regulatory & Compliance