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We work with financial institutions in Greater China to help them build their business and improve their competitive advantage

Based in Hong Kong, our firm is at the hub of the world’s most dynamic region and well positioned to advise and comment on developments and changes that will have a global significance.

One of the most important transformative trends that will shape the future of the financial services industry over the next 10 years will be the liberalization of Chinese capital flows and foreign participation in its capital markets. The expected opening up of the Chinese markets, whilst also having pan-regional and global implications, will not just be a PRC centric event but will play an important role in the development and bringing together of a “Greater China” area including the Mainland, HK and Taiwan.


Political reconciliation between Taiwan and the Mainland has been a long stated aim in Beijing and the focus of this policy over the past few years has been on closer economic ties which in turn has led to Taiwanese companies enjoying greater access to the PRC market place. Peter Lewis has extensive experience of working in Taiwan and strong contacts with banks, brokers, regulators and industry bodies in Taiwan.


In PRC, the recent plenary session of the communist party resulted in a sweeping blueprint for economic and social reforms. Whilst these will take time to implement, it is clear that China is transforming its economy and financial system to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is rapidly developing as the leading international centre for trading offshore RMB and a hub for capital flows into and out of mainland China.

solutions-icon-blueFinding solutions, unconventional ones if necessary, is the cornerstone of our philosophy to help our customers succeed.

We work with financial institutions around the world to help them build their business and improve their competitive advantage in the challenging and diverse Asia Pacific region. To find creative and strategically sound solutions for our customers. We help identify operational risks, develop controls and adapt to evolving regulatory environments around the region. We advise customers on how to participate in the financial markets taking into account the current and developing regulatory framework.

We will never disclose confidential details about our customers or our work for them. We appreciate the sensitive nature of some of the work we do and we respect local customs and culture in the countries where we work. For further information read our privacy policy and terms & conditions.