We offer unique insights into the complex and rapidly changing financial services sector

  • We understand 21st century challenges and provide innovative solutions that help make lasting improvements in performance.
  • We provide innovative solutions to help businesses and organizations grow, adapt and change.
  • We have been responsible for managing businesses and offices across Asia in India, Greater China, South East Asia and Australia and have the expertise and knowledge to help customers plan and execute this critical phase of their business development.

knowledge-icon-blue Local Knowledge

Compared to large consultancy firms, which have to handle projects in many sectors and locations, the specialist nature of our firm means that we have intimate knowledge of local regulations, rules and unwritten procedures, vital to a successful outcome to any project in the financial services sector.

solutions-icon-bTailor Made Solutions

Our customers know that when they call us with a problem or challenge, we will listen carefully and understand the issue and work on an outcome that it is best suited to our client’s needs rather than an “off-the-shelf” solution which was used for another client.

personal-icon-bluePersonalised Service

The small size of our firm means that customers have direct access to the founder who is there to serve the client. The client benefits directly from the many years of experience of Peter Lewis, who is involved directly in all stages of the project.

Our Vision

Spurred on by demographic, social, economic and regulatory changes and enabled by new technologies, the world’s financial system and as a result the financial services sector are undergoing transformative changes the likes of which are seen only once in several generations.

With half of the world’s population living within 6 hours flying time of Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region is where the growing ambitions and economic & financial circumstances of the region’s peoples are demanding financial institutions, products and services that meet their modern day needs and where financial markets serve them, rather than the other way round. Asia Pacific and in particular Greater China will increasingly be the laboratory and testing ground for a new way of doing business and innovative products and solutions.