Fed Disarray

The Fed is in complete disarray! We are 6 years into the US economic expansion and the Fed still has no idea when it is going to raise rates, how it is going to raise them and what data will finally prompt them to raise rates from zero per cent. Furthermore its economic forecasts […]

Road To Default

This is the reason why the opposition Syriza party have won a decisive victory in yesterday’s Greek elections (see chart). It is also the reason why a similar outcome (the election of a far-left anti-austerity party) is more than possible in Spain later this year. The path is now set. An end to austerity […]

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Oil Price Fallout

More fallout from the plunging oil price;
1. The Russian rouble crashes through 50 to the USD, a new all-time low. It’s fallen another 6.5% today to 52.57 against the US dollar. That’s a 38% fall so far this year. Today’s fall is the worst since the Russian financial crisis of 1998 when the country […]

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