Fed Disarray

The Fed is in complete disarray! We are 6 years into the US economic expansion and the Fed still has no idea when it is going to raise rates, how it is going to raise them and what data will finally prompt them to raise rates from zero per cent. Furthermore its economic forecasts […]

Riding The QE Wave

Whilst it is an open question as to whether QE and monetary stimulus is helping the global economy (I don’t believe it is), there is no doubt that stock markets love it. And that’s where all this central bank “free money” is heading. Global stock markets are riding the QE wave. The Shanghai Composite […]

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Australia Awareness

At last a central bank that gets it! For the Reserve Bank of Australia the penny has finally dropped. In a speech in Sydney today Philip Lowe, deputy governor at the RBA, finally admits that ultra low interest rates are failing to create demand, generate inflation or stimulate growth and that monetary stimulus has […]

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Central Banks Under Fire

Influential fund managers are starting to pile in with their criticism of central banks’ zero interest policy and the global currency war that 21 of them have now joined since the beginning of the year. Pimco founder Bill Gross joined the sceptic camp a couple of months ago. And yesterday in his latest monthly […]

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